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In 2010, our company was approved GMP certification for dietary supplements by Hebei Food and Drug Administration in China, in the same year, we passed through the certification of BRC and CGMP by Moody International Certification UK.
As a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, we are equipped with internationally advanced technology and equipment and also a team of well-trained engineers to develop innovative products including hard-gelatin capsules, softgels, tablets and granules. We are especially experienced in development and production of sustained release pellets and pellet-filled capsules.
We are also good at developing and production of tailor-made products as per customers specification and formula.

Our production range include:

The mixing, granulation, capsule filling, tableting, plastic packaging, dosing, bottling, coding, product packaging etc. with regard to granules (including directly compressible granules), tablets and hard-gelatin capsules.
2. The mixing, wet granulation and boiling granulation, Vacuum drying and fluidized bed drying, dosing, coding and packaging of health food including solid beverage.

On-site Production Facilities

Our production workshop was designed and built accoridng to China national GMP with air cleanliness of 100000 inside the workshop. The workshop was equipped with advanced equipment including: High speed mixing granulator, Boiling granulator, Vacuum dryer, Automatic capsule filling machine, Rotary tablet machine, Flat plate type plastic packing machine,Granule packaging machine etc.

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